Projects Funded

Hear from projects that we have funded during the 17-18 academic year:

REA Explore Your Universe Booth

Exploring Your Universe (EYU) is one of UCLA's largest science outreach fairs, and is put on by the science departments every fall quarter. This year, the Renewable Energy Association's Learn & Teach project built a demonstration to educate children and families about different forms of renewable energy that are possible in urban and suburban settings. We constructed a model suburb containing three elements: solar panels, green roofing, and community gardens. We explained the benefits as families walked past, and at the end, children were able to add their own energy efficient contribution to the city by drawing a picture and adding it to a board. Children were also able to interact with solar cars we built, which directly showcased the power of solar panels. They were also able to race these cars. This continues to be one of our most popular demonstrations. At the end of the day, our poster was filled with creative drawings of the children's solutions to climate change. There was a constant stream of people at our booth, and we did not have a dull moment for the entire five hours we were there.

E3 E-Waste Club - Zero Waste Campaign

Thanks to the TGIF mini fund we were able to make UCLA a member school of the Post Landfill Action Network (PLAN). PLAN allows students and faculty to access any of the materials they offer such as workshops, brochures, documents, and other educational services. These are all focused on ways to become zero waste. We hope the student body will find these useful and implement zero waste practices in their own lives and on campus. We have conducted a waste profile of UCLA with our PLAN campus coordinator and he has highlighted areas in which we can improve. Students are finding PLAN to be useful, and we are continuing to spread the word about access to PLAN.

REA Sustainival Fair

The Renewable Energy Association partnered with the Hill and various other sustainability organizations to promote campus sustainability and environmental awareness on the Hill. We had students play a quick, educational game to gauge their interest in climate issues and asked them to fill out a quick survey to record their responses. Our booth focused on making students aware of the impacts their daily decisions have on the environment.

REA Energy Jobs Fair

The Energy Jobs Fair that occurred on November 20th, 2017 was a huge success. Eight companies attended, representing the various aspects of sustainability, including water management, renewable energy, and advocacy. The companies were able to give students insight into their respective fields as well as provide internship and even job opportunities for students of all majors (including all types of engineering, environmental science, political science, and business). This four-hour event hosted seventy-five students representing a variety of majors who were able to successfully network with professionals as well as gain experience for future jobs fairs. This event was open to all students, regardless of their membership to the Renewable Energy Association, but through it we were able to boost the attendance in project meetings in the following weeks.

2017-2018 Funded Projects

Mini Fund

  • E3 - Climate Leadership Training
  • Food Security Work Group - Student Food Collective
  • 3D4E - Renewable Energy Project
  • REA - Explore Your Universe Booth
  • REA - Sustainival Fair and Activity
  • November
  • E3 E-Waste Club - Zero Waste Campaign
  • Bruin Partners - Star Eco Station Field Trip
  • REA - Energy Jobs Fair
  • December
  • Envionmental Student Network - Sage Hill Nursery
  • CSC Alternative Breaks - Sustainable Utensils for Trips
  • January
  • UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative - "How to be Green" Videos
  • REA - Energy Games Kickoff
  • REA - Learn & Teach with Project Literacy
  • E3 - Fair Trades National Conference
  • February
  • Environmental Student Network - Sage Hill: Replacing Invasives with Flowering Natives

  • Main Fund

  • Zero Waste by 2020 - Clothes Out Initiative
  • CHAMPs - Natural History Museum Trip
  • Project WILD - IMAX Field Trip
  • E3 - Farmers Market at UCLA
  • C2C - Sustainability Leadership Training
  • Bruin Hyperloop - Hyperloop transportation
  • Bruin Home Soluions - LEED Training and Implementation
  • Bruin Home Soluions - Electric Vehicle Conversion
  • Bruin Home Soluions - Weyburn Hydroponics Farm
  • Winter
  • Fair Trade Campaign National Conference Attendance
  • Naya Zamaana - Sahana
  • Good Clothes Good People - Hill Donation Bins
  • Facilities Commission - OZZI Reusable Container System
  • CNI - Climate Justice Forum
  • Jazz Reggae - Jazz Reggae Festival 2018
  • Coastalong - Coastalong 2018
  • Bruins Fighting Pediatric Cancer - Site Sustainability Project
  • Kids Korner - Discovery Cube
  • E3 Earth Month - Earth Month 2018
  • Pacific Islanders for H.E.A.L.T.H. - Native Hawaiian Pacific Islanders Youth Health and Fitness Day

  • Take a look at our previous granted projects that reduce UCLAs negative impact on the environment and that educate the student body on sustainable issues.

    2016 - 2017 Grantees

    TGIF Mini Fund



    Amount Rewarded

    Navajo Water Project

    American Society of Civil Engineers


    Higher Education Movement: Our Next Generation

    The Association of Hmong Students

    40 TGIF Water Bottles

    PREP Bruin Life Weekend

    UCLA Yield Committee


    Air Quality Monitor

    Institute of Environment & Sustainability, Sustainability Action Research, Air Quality Team


    Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for UCLA Research

    Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for UCLA Research


    Farmers Market Publicity Merchandise

    E3: Ecology, Economy, and Equity


    Southeast Asian Admit Weekend

    The Association of Hmong Students, Thai Smakon, United Khmer Students, Vietnamese Student Union

    150 TGIF Water Bottles


    Alpha Epsilon Delta, Office of Residential Life


    Message in a Melody Concert 2017

    Message in a Melody


    Transfer Raza Day

    Transfer Raza Day

    100 TGIF Water Bottles

    Afrikan Student Union's Admit Weekend

    UCLA Residential Life

    150 TGIF Water Bottles


    UCLA Residential Life


    UCLA Econauts

    USAC Facilities Commission, Sustainability Committee

    $220.00, 25 TGIF Water Bottles

    Annual College Day

    UCLA Muslim Students Association


    Juntos Podemos: Promoting Health Equity through Community Medicine

    Black Latino AIDS Project, Donation of Tissues and Organs, Latino Student Health Project


    Fair Trade Coffee at Farmers Markets

    E3: Ecology, Economy, and Equity


    Biofuels Project

    Renewable Energy Association at UCLA



    Facilities Management Accountability Project

    USAC Facilities Commission


    Learn and Tech Program

    Renewable Energy Association, Los Angeles Family Housing


    Greek Life Recycling Program

    Kappa Delta Sorority, USAC Facilities Commission


    Sustainability Video Watch Party

    USAC Facilities Commission


    Sustainability Youth at UCLA

    Sustainable Youth at UCLA


    Little Tokyo Service Center



    University Catholic Center Beautification Project


    Catholic Students Association


    Plant Care Education Workshop

    Dig: The Campus Garden Coalition


    Solar Charger Support Project

    USAC Facilities Commission


    Exploring Your Universe Booth

    Renewable Energy Association


    Food Cluster Gardening Pilot

    Dig: The Campus Garden Coalition


    Sage Hill Nursery

    Sage Hill Task Force, UCLA Department of Geography


    Islanders Maintaining Unity and Access

    Pacific Islands Student Association

    100 TGIF Water Bottles