The Green Initiative Fund

Program Overview

Every quarter since its inaugural grant cycle in Fall 2008, TGIF has awarded thousands of dollars in grants to a diverse array of projects that promote sustainability and a greener tomorrow. Roughly $200,000 per year is available for student-initiated sustainability projects on campus.

Bicyclists at Coastalong.


TGIF Mini supports projects within Sustainability Professional Development, Making Your Event Green, Sustainability Project, Outreach and Education, and Sustainability Raffle.

This grant has funded environmental research and projects such as higher education conferences, workshops, farmers markets, sustainable engineering competitions, and community service events.

Competitors at LA Hacks.


TGIF Main supports large-scale projects that benefit the campus community, granting up to $10,000 per project.

This grant has funded sustainable fashion shows and festivals, climate justice forums, conferences, ambassador programs, infrastructure changes, and awareness campaigns.

Fresh fruits and vegetables from a farmer's market.

Capital/Infrastructure Projects

Introduced in 2019, this grant category funds projects that cost over $10,000 and are considered capital or infrastructure, such as retrofit projects, installation projects, and building/campus improvement projects.

TGIF funded ASUCLA Student Union’s compost bin expansion that aimed to reduce unnecessary waste and teach students, faculty, and visitors the importance of composting.