TGIF Grant Committee Member


Zahra Hajee--TGIF Chair, Student Engagement Committee

Zahra Hajee is a third year Psychobiology major with a minor in Public Affairs. She is currently the USAC Facilities Commissioner, focusing on improving the infrastructure, resources, and environment for various aspects of the student experience. Her personal interests lie in the environmental justice movement, and pursuing sustainable urban and regional development in an equitable way across race, class, and other community backgrounds. In her free time, she likes sharing memes and continuing her quest to find the most adorable pupper in all of LA!


Nisha Bansal--TGIF Vice Chair, Student Engagement Committee

Nisha Bansal is a second year Environmental Science major with minors in Environmental Engineering and Public Affairs. She loves learning about environmental issues and exploring all things sustainability! She is also interested in musical theater, listening to podcasts, hiking, and doing anything outdoorsy.


Valeree Catangay-- Marketing and Outreach Committee

Valeree is a 3rd year studying Environmental Science with a minor in Environmental Systems and Society. Someday she plans to either improve green practices within a business or help a city accomplish their sustainability goals. She is a Carbon Neutrality Fellow under the UCLA Office of Sustainability, contributing to UC system-wide goal of net zero emissions by 2025. Her hobbies include discovering good food spots, buying too many plants, and playing with her aussie beagle.


Emma Finn--Department Relations Committee

Emma is a 4th year pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography/Environmental Studies with a minor in Public Affairs. She is an Engagement Fellow for the UC-wide Carbon Neutrality Initiative, as well as the Fair Trade Campaign Co-Chair for E3: Ecology, Economy, & Equity at UCLA. She is motivated by her vision for a more intersectional and inclusive sustainability movement on campus and beyond. Her hobbies include backpacking, hip-hop dance, cooking, and eating/advocating for healthful and delicious food.


Rosemary Wallace--Department Relations Committee

Rosemary Wallace is one of your committee appointments to The Green Initiative Fund. As a nine year old, she and her friends formed a group called “The Young Pollution Fighters”. They encouraged their teachers, parents, friends, and even rival classmates to recycle and use less water. Since then, she has always looked for solutions to the environmental issues in her school or neighborhood. Last summer, she interned at an environmental nonprofit in Shanghai where she designed projects and events for environmental education. She learned how to look at a problem and then find a prudent, creative solution. Back at UCLA, she wants to create solutions to some of UCLA’s environmental issues and help students focus on painless lifestyle changes that decrease their environmental footprint.


Billy Shondy--Evaluation and Feedback Committee

Billy Shondy is a 2nd year majoring in Geography and double minoring in Urban and Regional Studies & Geospatial Information Systems and Technologies. His interest in environmental and sustainability-related topics simply stems from the fact that he fears a future of uninhabitable pollution. As someone who has lived in Los Angeles for over 10 years, he is well aware of the concept of pollution. It’s not uncommon to see a brown sky, sludgy waters, and trashed streets all over the area. He looks forward to spending time bettering the environment in any way possible! His hobbies include interior design and tasting new foods.


Joyce Thung--Department Relations Committee

Joyce Thung is currently a second-year MPH student studying Environmental Health Sciences at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. As a Fellow in the FSPH Public Health Training Program on Population Health Advocacy, she is working with Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy to develop a health impact assessment on the current urban waste incinerator in Long Beach. Joyce’s interest in environmental public health started when she went on a she realized the lack of water sanitation and poor water quality in rural communities during her Global Medical Brigades trip to Honduras in 2014. At UCLA, Joyce is currently involved with various environmental sustainability projects around campus. She was a co-planner for the Environmental Sustainability Fair, a Healthy Campus Initiative-funded event that educates the UCLA community on living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Joyce is committed to working with vulnerable neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area to advocate for sustainable and healthy communities. She hopes to engage with policymakers and stakeholders to provide recommendations that will maximize health resiliency for all. She graduated from Rice University with a B.S. in Biochemistry & Cell Biology. Her interests include running and fitness, trying out different restaurants, watching American Horror Story, and spending countless hours on social media.

TGIF Coordinator

Jessica Alexander is the UCLA TGIF Grant Coordinator. She oversees the administrative operations of TGIF.