Projects Funded

Take a look at our previous granted projects that reduce UCLAs negative impact on the environment and that educate the student body on sustainable issues.

2016 - 2017 Grantees

TGIF Mini Fund



Amount Rewarded

Navajo Water Project

American Society of Civil Engineers


Higher Education Movement: Our Next Generation

The Association of Hmong Students

40 TGIF Water Bottles

PREP Bruin Life Weekend

UCLA Yield Committee


Air Quality Monitor

Institute of Environment & Sustainability, Sustainability Action Research, Air Quality Team


Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for UCLA Research

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for UCLA Research


Farmers Market Publicity Merchandise

E3: Ecology, Economy, and Equity


Southeast Asian Admit Weekend

The Association of Hmong Students, Thai Smakon, United Khmer Students, Vietnamese Student Union

150 TGIF Water Bottles


Alpha Epsilon Delta, Office of Residential Life


Message in a Melody Concert 2017

Message in a Melody


Transfer Raza Day

Transfer Raza Day

100 TGIF Water Bottles

Afrikan Student Union's Admit Weekend

UCLA Residential Life

150 TGIF Water Bottles


UCLA Residential Life


UCLA Econauts

USAC Facilities Commission, Sustainability Committee

$220.00, 25 TGIF Water Bottles

Annual College Day

UCLA Muslim Students Association


Juntos Podemos: Promoting Health Equity through Community Medicine

Black Latino AIDS Project, Donation of Tissues and Organs, Latino Student Health Project


Fair Trade Coffee at Farmers Markets

E3: Ecology, Economy, and Equity


Biofuels Project

Renewable Energy Association at UCLA



Facilities Management Accountability Project

USAC Facilities Commission


Learn and Tech Program

Renewable Energy Association, Los Angeles Family Housing


Greek Life Recycling Program

Kappa Delta Sorority, USAC Facilities Commission


Sustainability Video Watch Party

USAC Facilities Commission


Sustainability Youth at UCLA

Sustainable Youth at UCLA


Little Tokyo Service Center



University Catholic Center Beautification Project


Catholic Students Association


Plant Care Education Workshop

Dig: The Campus Garden Coalition


Solar Charger Support Project

USAC Facilities Commission


Exploring Your Universe Booth

Renewable Energy Association


Food Cluster Gardening Pilot

Dig: The Campus Garden Coalition


Sage Hill Nursery

Sage Hill Task Force, UCLA Department of Geography


Islanders Maintaining Unity and Access

Pacific Islands Student Association

100 TGIF Water Bottles