TGIF Funding Procedures

The TGIF application process includes the submission of a completed application, and attendance at the TGIF hearings. Applications must be turned in by the funding deadline listed on the Calendar page. Projects shall have received all necessary written approval by appropriate campus officials prior to consideration.

Each applicant is required to schedule a hearing time with the TGIF coordinator, Jessica Alexander, at TGIF committee will hold hearings for this funding cycle the first and second week of Spring Quarter. Funding proposals are due at this time. Also, this is an opportunity for applicants to further elaborate on their needs and project goals to the committee. The TGIF Committee Scoresheet can be found at the following link for applicants to view how their applications will be scored.

Applicant Eligibility

Project proposals may be submitted by UCLA students, staff, and faculty. Individuals and organizations outside of UCLA may not submit proposals. It is highly encouraged for the projects to be student initiated and must have undergraduate student involvemen

Criteria for Projects

For questions, contact TGIF grant coordinator Jessica Alexander at